In Zundert


The opportunity to make a farewell photo reportage is for me always a privilege. Within just a few days I am literally catapulted close to the intimate sphere of a family which I do not know at all, a family who is living one of the most difficult and sad moments in time. I am called there to reveal with my photos the love for the person they have lost.

I had never visited Zundert, the city where Vincent van Gogh was born. Till recently, when I was asked to be there to make the farewell reportage to a wonderful lady. Sometimes I am so fascinated by the special locations chosen for farewells. This time it took place in the “Van Goghkerkje”
(Van Gogh little church), a Dutch Reformed Church. an intimate, tiny church, which was that day filled with light, love and gratitude for a wonderful woman.
The farewell was organized by Els Barnhoorn, a truly professional in this field.