Farewell, dear grandma

Uitvaartfotograaf Alessandra Mignardi

Farewell, dear grandma

One of the peculiarities of being a farewell photographer is that most of the times I am called a couple of days before the funeral takes place. Last September I received a phone call on a Sunday evening with the request for a reportage for the coming Tuesday. I did not need to look in the agenda; I knew I had planned a free day since it was going to be my birthday. And I was really happy to make this reportage on that special day.

It was an amazing farewell to a wonderful grandma who could not see all the seasons of her life. A mother who was always there to listen and support her children. And a sister, aunt and friend to many. In all these years I have never seen a church so full of people.

The farewell was organized by Els Barnhoorn, a truly professional in this field.

That evening I celebrated at home by birthday with my family and I took a special toast to her.

I am enormously thankful with the family who allowed me to show photos of that day. Take a look here.