Everything will be okay


The phone rings, I see the name and I think it’s a work-related phone call. I had to take a deep breath when she told me her mum had died and she would like me to make a reportage so that her dad has a memory of that day.

Together with the funeral Planner Els Barnhoorn, they organized a beautiful farewell, starting from home.

After the service at the Petrus en Pauluskerk (Roman-Catholic church in Tilburg) we walked to the “Vredehof”, a small, intimate, and lush green protestant cemetery in the Gilzebaan here in Tilburg.

On the gate the name of the cemetery in big letters, it literally means “Peace Court”. And so it is, a very peaceful place.


After the last blessing, the pastor addressed the widower and his family so kindly and supporting: “Now it is very, very hard for you, but time will help healing and in the end you will be fine”.

I could not help but think of the quote that is attributed to John Lennon: “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

Vrede, Peace, Pace, Paix, سلام…. No matter where we are from, what our faith and religion are, in the end what unites us and what we will find is peace.